Relocating to the Brooklyn Campus

At Pratt Munson, a significant aspect of your journey involves transitioning to the Pratt Institute in your Junior year. Following two years of establishing a solid foundation, refining your artistic skills, and fostering connections within the Pratt Munson community, students collectively make a seamless transition to the Brooklyn campus.

Pratt Munson and Pratt Institute collaborate for a smooth transition. A group trip to the Brooklyn campus is organized during sophomore year, allowing students to tour, meet faculty, and explore your departments. In your last semester, offices from both institutions coordinate to prepare you for junior year in Brooklyn, including informational sessions discussing housing, financial aid, study abroad, class registration, and more

How does it work?     
Relocating to the Brooklyn campus is a seamless process without the need for an application. Around 95 percent of students choose to relocate. If you remain in your enrolled major at Pratt Munson, you will automatically start as a junior in your program. Meeting all degree requirements allows you to complete your bachelor's degree in two years. Graduation results in a degree awarded by Pratt Institute. It's important to complete the first two years at Pratt Munson before relocating, as relocation after just one year is not permitted.

Note: Eligibility for relocation requires a minimum of 54 credits at Pratt Munson, with a maximum of 60 credits. Any outstanding credits must be in General Education or History of Art and Design. First-Year and Sophomore level studio courses must be taken at Pratt Munson.    

Changing Your Major at Brooklyn

If you decide to change your major when you relocate to Brooklyn, you will not complete your degree in two years. Changing your major will add at least one additional year because of the difference in curriculum beginning your sophomore year. Changing your major to fashion will require four years at Brooklyn, and Architecture is a completely different curriculum and will require a total of five years on the Brooklyn campus.

Note: In order to request a change of major upon relocation to the Brooklyn campus you must be in good academic standing (minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher) at Pratt Munson. Acceptance to a different program at the Brooklyn campus is not guaranteed, but departments make every effort to accommodate you. Contact the Pratt Munson Registrar (, for more information.   

Relocation Scholarships:

When you relocate to Brooklyn, you will be considered for a merit scholarship based on your cumulative GPA at the end of the first semester of your sophomore year at Pratt Munson. Merit scholarships are based on GPA only. For students relocating to Brooklyn for the fall 2024 semester, scholarships range up to $28,000, the complete breakdown is listed below. Students who submit the FAFSA will also be considered for need-based financial aid.

3.9 and higher GPA$28,000
3.8-3.89 GPA$25,000
3.7-3.79 GPA$24,000
3.5-3.69 GPA$20,000
3.3-3.49 GPA$16,000
3.0-3.29 GPA$13,000
2.5-2.99 GPA$11,000

Financial Aid + Billing:

Remember to submit the FAFSA if you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Pratt Munson’s Financial Aid Office ( can offer assistance with the financial aid process and help prepare you for your junior year on the Brooklyn campus, however, if you have specific questions please contact Brooklyn’s Student Financial Services Office at or by calling 718.636.3599. Brooklyn’s Student Financial Services Office generally provides award letters to students by early March.

You may view your bill online using your One Pratt (access Self Service, Finances, and Financial Aid) account as soon as July 1. Payment is due August 1 for fall entrants. Billing questions may be directed to Pratt Institute’s Student Financial Services Office at

Housing on the Brooklyn campus:

Pratt Institute’s Residential Life Office will contact you with details about reserving your room on the Brooklyn campus, as well as information about roommate selection and housing placement, etc. For more information, you may contact Pratt Institute’s Residential Life Office at 718.399.4551 or by emailing

Schedule and Registration:

Pratt Institute’s Academic Advisement Office visits Pratt Munson in the spring to prepare you to register for classes and to answer questions and ensure you are registered properly for your junior year. Questions may be directed to our Registrar (

Pratt Institute Resources:

International Affairs: 

Pratt Institute’s Office of International Affairs will generate a new Form I-20 that is valid for the Brooklyn campus. Questions may be directed to International students only.

Health Services:   
Your student health records will automatically be sent to Pratt Institute. Students will not be required to submit additional documents for relocation. If you have health insurance through Pratt, you will need to re-enroll each year or waive the insurance fee if you have a separate policy. ( For more information, you may contact

Move-in and Orientation at the Brooklyn Campus:   
For move-in and orientation dates for students relocating to Brooklyn, please email or call 718.636.3422, Brooklyn’s Student Affairs Office if you have questions about move-in or orientation.

Academic Calendar:   
The academic calendar for Pratt Institute is available at

MyPratt, Pratt Email Address and OneKey Login:   
The myPratt portal allows you access to your student financial account, class schedule, housing lottery information, and sign-up, and for international students, the I-20 request forms, as well as our learning management system and other information. The portal can be accessed from the homepage, or by going to Your Pratt email and login will remain the same at the Brooklyn campus.

Granting Parent Rights:   
You have the option of granting a parent or other guardian the right to access academic records, financial records, or both without providing him or her with your login and password. This can be done through the Academic Tools student menu (under My Personal Information) if you have not already done so. If the person is not already in your records, you must first "Request Add Parent." If your parents pay your bills, it is very important that they be able to access your financial account online.