Admitted Students

We are thrilled you are interested in joining our incoming class of 2024 and are excited to welcome you into our community of creative artists!

After successfully submitting your Enrollment and Housing Deposit, the following actions must be taken to finalize your enrollment process. It is crucial that you thoroughly examine all the details on this page in order to seamlessly transition into your role as a new student and guarantee a successful start this autumn. 

Items to Submit

  • All information regarding forms to be submitted can be found in the Enrollment Website Link coming soon. Instructions and timelines on how and when to complete and return all forms are on the website.
    • The Enrollment website will be emailed to all deposited students in the first week of May
  • Final Official Transcripts
    • High school students must submit their final official high school transcripts from each high school attended. Please inform your guidance counselor now that you will be attending Pratt.
    • Transfer students must provide final official copies of all college transcripts if they were not provided at the time of application. Please submit these documents as soon as possible after you finish your last term.
    • If your school does not use an electronic system, final official transcripts may be mailed to:  

      Pratt Institute Office of Undergraduate Admissions 
      200 Willoughby Ave 
      Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • If you did not graduate for any reason, please notify Admissions,


Your first-year classes are pre-determined by the Registrar. The Pratt Munson Registrar also serves as the academic advisor. Students will receive their class schedule by mid-July.

International students whose first language is not English will be required to take our in-house English Placement Test to assess the level of English proficiency unless they submit a TOEFL score of at least 600 or an IELTS score of 7.5. You may be required to take Intensive English classes concurrently with your degree program courses.

Academic Calendar: 2023/2024 Academic Calendar link 
Visit the Registrar page or contact by email or calling (315)797-0000 extension 2152

Billing/Payment Options

Students residing within the U.S. will receive their fall semester invoices by postal mail in early June. Fall semester payment is due in full on July 15 for students that have not signed up for the Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan. Bills are based on a full-time credit load and are adjusted if you drop or add credits below 12 or over 18. Payments can be made online using our online Nelnet Campus Commerce payment portal or by personal check. Additional instructions regarding payment will be included with your billing invoice, or can be found on our Student Accounting web page. 

Visit the Financing Your Education page for more information, or contact our Bursar by email or at (315)797-0000 extension 2174.

International Billing

International students will receive their fall semester invoices via email in early June. Flywire is the preferred payment method for international payments. Students can make international payments using Flywire with real-time currency conversion. Flywire offers 24-hour support in multiple languages. Fall semester payment is due in full on July 15.

Defer/Withdraw Enrollment

If you decide to defer your application to the following year or withdraw your application completely, please contact the Office of Admissions by email or call (800)755-8920. Only first-year students may defer admission. During deferment, students are not permitted to enroll full-time at another school. If twelve or more college credits are earned during deferment you'll need to reapply as a transfer student and submit all additional transcripts. Placement and scholarship will need to be reconsidered. Students who wish to defer their application must submit the $300 Enrollment Deposit by August 1.

Move-in + Orientation

Information regarding Orientation and check-in will be found on our Orientation web page in July 2023.

Save the dates! 
August 22 - 24, 2023 → New International Student Check-In and Orientation 
August 24 - August 27, 2023 → New Student Check-In and Orientation

Relocating to the Brooklyn campus

You must complete the first two years at Pratt Munson before you will be able to relocate to Brooklyn. You may not relocate to Brooklyn after completing only one year at Pratt Munson. The transition to the Brooklyn campus is automatic and seamless; no application is required to relocate. Approximately 95 percent of students choose to relocate to Brooklyn. When you relocate, you will start as a junior in your program as long as you remain in the major in which you were enrolled in at Pratt Munson. You will complete your degree in two years as long as you meet all requirements for your degree. Upon graduation, your bachelor’s degree will be awarded by Pratt Institute. Click here for more information on relocating to the Brooklyn campus.

Incoming Student Important Dates

May 1: Begin using your Pratt email. This is where our offices will communicate with you going forward. 
May 9: Deposited Student Information Session, 3:30pm via Zoom. Register here! 
June 1: Financial aid award letters are due. Return to Health Insurance Form and Transfer Credit Form are due. 
June 9: Fall semester invoices will be mailed to your permanent home mailing address.  
June 30: All remaining enrollment forms are due, including optional forms.  
July 13: Last day to sign up for the Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan if you are interested in making monthly tuition payments. Additional information can be found in your invoice packet. 
Mid-July: Student schedules are available. First-semester schedules are predetermined by our Registrar. 
July 15: Fall semester payment is due in full for students not signed up for the Nelnet Tuition Payment Plan. Questions should be directed to Toni Zarubin, Bursar.  
August 1: Students can begin mailing packages to 503 William St, Utica, NY 13502 if needed. Any packages where all dimensions total more than 24 inches will be charged a $7.00 per day storage fee. 
August 4: Housing assignments are determined and students will be notified through their Pratt email. 
August 22: New International Student Check-In 
August 22 - August 24: New International Student Orientation 
August 24: New Non-International Student Check-In 
August 24 - August 27: New Student Orientation 
August 28: First day of classes. Last day for 100% tuition refund for dropped classes.