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The Counseling Office is located on the first floor of the Student Life Offices and at no charge to all Pratt Munson students. All counseling sessions are confidential.

Wellness & Counseling

The Counseling Office aspires to maintain a standard of excellence in practice for its provision of student and educational services through individual and group, academic advocacy, crisis management, and campus-wide participation in community events centered on wellness.


+ Facilitate personal growth, emotional, and mental well-being

+ Respect for diversity and individuality

+ The importance of balancing personal and academic success

+ The integrity and responsibility of individual choice

+ Self-knowledge and self-efficacy

+ Advocating for social justice and human dignity

Common needs addressed include

  • Stress management
  • Peer pressure/conflicts
  • Gender identity
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual identity
  • Drug/alcohol-related problems
  • Emotion management
  • Family stressors
  • Relationship issues
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Crisis management
  • Academic stressors

Pratt Munson Fitness Center

The Pratt Munson Fitness Center is the perfect outlet for college students looking to crush their fitness goals while balancing the demands of academic life.

The Fitness Center offers a laid-back atmosphere perfect for students of all fitness levels. Featured equipment includes treadmills, rowers, bicycles, and dumbbells, designed to help you break a sweat and boost your endorphins.

A waiver is required for all students interested in utilizing this facility. 

Currently offering fitness classes on campus in yoga and boxing for fitness. Have an interest in a new fitness class? Contact



Student Health Insurance

All registered students are required to carry full health insurance coverage while attending Pratt Munson.          

Students who will have coverage under a separate health insurance plan, covering them while in the Utica, NY area, may choose to waive the school's Aetna Student Health Insurance and have the charge removed from their billing invoice. To waive the insurance students must complete the online Student Health Insurance Form and provide proof of their existing insurance coverage.          

Students who will not be insured under a separate health insurance plan will need to enroll in the school's Aetna Student Health Insurance. To enroll students must complete the online Student Health Insurance Form.          

All students will have a $100 in-network deductible. This means that your first $100 of in-network healthcare expenses will need to be paid out-of-pocket. Once you’ve paid the $100 deductible your insurance coverage will begin paying a certain percentage of your expenses. You will only be responsible for the co-insurance (refer to the Benefits Brochure below).      

2024-2025 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan     
Effective dates: August 18, 2024 - August 17, 2025     
Fall Rate: $740.00 (August 18, 2024 - January 14, 2025)     
Spring Rate: $1,009.00 (January 15, 2025 - August 17, 2025)     
Highlight Sheet    
2024-2025 Benefits Brochure     
Print an ID Card     
Find a Doctor 


2023-2024 Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan        
Effective dates: August 18, 2023 - August 17, 2024        
Fall Rate: $688.00 (August 18, 2023 - January 14, 2024)        
Spring Rate: $939.00 (January 15, 2024 - August 17, 2024)        
2023-2024 Benefits Brochure        
Print an ID Card        
Find a Doctor        

Speak to a licensed doctor by web, phone, or mobile app in under 10 minutes. Click here for more information.        

Local In-Network Facilities        
Primary Urgent Care (walk-ins welcome)        
1904 Genesee St.        
Utica, NY 13502        

WellNow Urgent Care (walk-ins welcome)        
230 N Genesee St        
Utica, NY 13502        

Check-In Online - reserve your spot online to avoid long wait times, and receive a text when WellNow Urgent Care is available to see you.        

Virtual Visit - See a provider in under 10 minutes via their 24/7 virtual care.        

Upstate Family Health Center (appointment needed)        
1001 Noyes St.        
Utica, NY 13502        

Doctors at this location that accept Aetna Student Health Insurance:        
• David Liu, MD        
• Lindsey Gilchrist, NP        
• Judith Schipper, DNP        
• Valerie Yager, ANP        

Wynn Hospital (emergency room)        
111 Hospital Drive        
Utica, NY 13502        

Planned Parenthood (appointment needed)        
1424 Genesee St        
Utica, NY 13502        


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