The printmaking concentration at Pratt Munson  explores visual representation through the medium of print as a primary art form.



Print, from its earliest form, has been a way to document, communicate, and disperse information both written and visual.

Pratt Munson offers core studio and elective courses that offer our students the opportunity to focus on traditional printmaking mediums of silkscreen, intaglio, or relief. Students pursue and explore new vocabulary of personal symbols and language utilizing printmaking’s graphic qualities, both written and visual, to communicate concepts clearly and effectively.


All first-year students take the Foundation program’s core curriculum, along with required art history and liberal arts courses, and begin the fine arts major curriculum in the fall of the second year. While continuing with their required art history and general education coursework, second-year students take more focused courses in their chosen area of emphasis, whether painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and integrated practices, or jewelry. In addition to their studio requirements, all fine arts students take a series of departmental seminars that address social, historical, and critical issues in contemporary art.

Learning Outcomes 

+Understand basic design principles, concepts, media and formats;

+ Gain advanced abilities in drawing as related to various printmaking techniques;

+ Have the knowledge and skills in the use of basic tools, techniques and processes sufficient to work from concept to finished product;

+ Have knowledge of basic materials and technical procedures such as intaglio, relief, lithography, silkscreen and digital processes;

+ Have a functional knowledge of the history of prints and printmaking;

+ Have mastered many printmaking techniques, including the ability both to experiment with technical innovation and to explore and develop personal concepts and imagery

Careers in Printmaking

Arts Administrator, Bookplate Artist, Commercial Printer, Curator, Digital Technician, Engraver, Etcher, Lithographer, Master Printer, Poster Artist, Press Operator, Print Production Manager, Print Publisher, Print Technician, Printshop Assistant, Printshop Owner, Printing Craftsman, Printing Designer, Production Artist, Production Coordinator, Silkscreen Artist, Stencil Cutter, Teacher/Instructor, Typographical Artist